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Unlock 30 Premium Virtual Actors, Automate Camera Angles With ACC Tech, Produce 360 Degrees Videos, Upgrade To 13 Characters Per Studio Set, And Use Video Overlays & Background

Unlock 30 Premium Virtual Actors, Automate Camera Angles With ACC Tech, Produce 360 Degrees Videos, Upgrade To 13 Characters Per Studio Set, And Use Video Overlays & Background

Early Adopters Limited Time Special

Early Adopters Limited Time Special

Founders Special Deal


By joining the Storyxy family you’ve made an amazing decision.

In just a few minutes, you will get access to a powerful software that will transform your texts into revolutionary dialog-based, scroll stopping, full 3D multi virtual actors videos.

What if I told you that I could help you to take Storyxy even one step further?

Storyxy Is Everything We Said It Is & More, But We Can Help You To Take It Even One Step Further

Storyxy is everything we said it is, which already puts you way ahead of your competition.

The standard version of Storyxy, in which you invested, is a very powerful tool, and in 3 simple-to-follow steps you’re going to be able to make Pixar like, dialogue based 3D videos with virtual actors, actively conversing with each other, and filmed from multiple camera angles just like the big productions do.

Storyxy’s proprietary DLG AI technology will keep people glued to the screen, so you can get more views, more traffic, and more sales.

But for those who want to achieve even more outstanding results we have an extraordinary PRO upgrade.

Unlock 30 Premium Virtual Actors
& Enable New Features

With an optional PRO upgrade, you can unlock 30 more premium virtual actors, upgrade to 13 characters per scene, unlock our proprietary ACC tech upgrade which automates camera angles based on who is talking, and get the ability to produce 360 degree videos!

Standard version of Storyxy gives you access to 10 awesome virtual actors. .

Extra Characters Included in PRO Upgrade

Quadruple The Number Of Virtual Actors

PRO version quadruples that number to mind-blowing 40 full featured virtual actors with 70 different unique gestures and movements each.

Those virtual actors represent a very diverse group, so you will be able to create hollywood like productions on any subject and for any audience.

With 40 characters you can mix and match them in conversation, and with 8 camera angles you truly will be able to produce a stream of unique videos to maximize your reach, have buyers clicking to your website, and skyrocket results.

Eliminate Manual Camera Work

As you already know, Storyxy gives you an ability to film the video from various camera angles.

Right now in the standard version you already have unlocked all the camera angles, however you need to set all camera changes manually by inserting a tag directly into the timeline.

So right now, pretty much for every sentence of every character you need to manually set a tag for recording camera.

Unlock ACC upgrade to DLG AI technology.

In the standard version there is really a lot of manual work you need to do for each and every video, over and over again.

To free you from that mundane work, the PRO version unlocks ACC upgrade to DLG AI technology.

With the PRO upgrade you can automate the entire process of inserting camera angles tags into the right places.

ACC technology, which is our automatic cinematography change technology, detects and automatically positions the camera according to who's speaking.

Storyxy PRO Delivers Enormous Time Savings

It delivers enormous time savings for you.

While certainly you can make the same video without ACC upgrade, why should you spend all that time on manually setting all the camera tags for every sentence of every character in every video, when you can have it all automated.

With ACC technology you will never need to manually set a recording camera unless you want to.

Produce 360 Degrees Videos

Have you heard about the latest and greatest in video technology, which is the rise of full 360 degree videos?

That’s right! Youtube is now pushing 360 videos in search results, and Facebook is even experimenting with 3D photos you are seeing more and more often in your timeline.

With Storyxy PRO you can export a 360 degree video the same way you export regular videos.

No Additional Work At All To Export 360 degrees Videos

No additional work at all, just set a 360 degrees video export setting and click a button.

It means that you can have the same video exported in both 4k and 360 degree to maximize your results.

These 360 degree videos truly stand out and can steal buyers’ attention from your competition.

Sample 360 Videos

To see 360 effect play a video, click and hold the mouse button,
and then move the mouse while holding the button.

To see 360 effect play a video, click and hold the mouse button, and then move the mouse while holding the button.

Unlock 13 Virtual Actors Per Studio Set

PRO upgrade also gives you the great engagement booster because of the ability to add up to 13 virtual actors to the same virtual studio backdrop.

While the need to use all 13 characters at the same time is rare, using 5 or more virtual actors at the same could bring a significant jump in engagement and clicks to your website.

It is due to the simple fact of diversity.

Cast Your Virtual Actors Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming platforms

There is a reason why Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming platforms are all significantly increasing cast diversity in TV shows and movies.

You see, people like to see at least one actor who looks like them.

By casting with big diversity Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services interest more viewers in watching their shows.

They know their stats and those stats say cast diversity is a business booster.

Boost Your Results With Diversity

With 5 or more characters on a visual studio set you can really cast diversity in Storyxy.

Standard version allows you to only use 3 characters per scene which is severely limiting video diversity.

So if you want to have even better stats, even more buyers clicking to your website, cast diversity by upgrading to Storyxy PRO.

Unlocks The Ability To Add Background Videos

And last but not least PRO unlocks your ability to add both background and foreground videos.

Ability to add background videos is huge because it allows you to go beyond the included visual studio sets.

It allows you to place your virtual actors pretty much anywhere for truly unlimited video variety, and never repeat the same video twice.

That way you will never run out of content for bringing excited buyers to your website.

Unlocks The Ability To Add
Transparent Foreground Overlay Videos.

Storyxy PRO also includes an extra ability to import custom video overlays with fully featured alpha technology.

With it, you can add flying objects and business animations which is a really great way to both spice up your videos and target toward specific buyer groups.

You can also add transparent images on top of video, which makes it very easy to add things like lower 3rds, and logos.

Quick Recap Of Everything
You Will Get In The PRO Upgrade

  • 30 NEW unique 3D characters,
  • ACC upgrade to DLG AI technology to automate the entire process of camera angles, by detecting and automatically position the camera according to who’s speaking,
  • 360 degree video technology upgrade which allows you to export your videos in full 3D,
  • The ability to add up to 13 characters per scene (currently you can only add up to 3) ,
  • And last but not least your will get the ability to use your own background and foreground overlay videos

Extraordinary Chance To Get PRO Upgrade For A Limited Time Discounted Price.

Also because you’re a founding member, you deserve a deal for being one of the first. Now, with Storyxy standard, we already gave you the incredible discount from our planned future premium pricing.

So I’m going to do the same with the PRO upgrade. Storyxy Pro is planned to be part of a $497 package sold on webinars. But as a NEW and FOUNDING member of Storyxy, I’m going to upgrade your account to PRO for a small, one time investment.

Hosting the Storyxy backend infrastructure does require computing power and bandwidth, and this is why we need to raise Storyxy PRO price significantly after the early adopters special ends.

In fact, I would not be surprised that the price doubles when you see this page again later.

But today you still have access to the early adopter pricing, plus you are covered by our money back guarantee so you have no risk, but literally everything to gain.

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